Ningbo Yintai Center
Ningbo Yintai Center

Ningbo Yintai Center

  • Location
    Ningbo, PRC
  • Site Area
  • GFA
  • Client
    China Yintai Holdings Co

Ningbo Yintai Center

Ningbo, the second largest city of the Zhejiang province, plays an important part in China’s South East coast seaport. The city illustrates a significant development through a capitalist market and with the site sitting amongst the hub of 3 main districts. It was destined to be a landmark.

With its mix-use comprising of a 195m office tower, 140m Service apartment, additional residential towers and a retail podium to bring it all together. It attempts to be perceived as the hub of the hub.

Our goal was to create a high-end, elegant all-encompassing work, leisure and living environment focused on the wellness of the inhabitants and a welcoming invitation for its visitors.

Ningbo Yintai Center fully embraces workplace of the future concepts by interweaving nature throughout, providing a variety of outdoors spaces and flexible planning.