Yifan Shen

Yifan Shen
Yifan Shen
Senior Associate


Large scale master planning/Urban design

Retail and mixed use planning

Façade design

Conceptual design

Commercial and retail developments


Yifan, obtained a Master Degree in Urban Design at Hong Kong University, he has a variety of experiences ranging from large-scale master plan/urban design, hospitality, educational, residential to retail and commercial interior design. Yifan keeps abreast of the latest architecture trends and innovation but his design work remains focused on function.

Yifan is a skilled architectural designer and project manager who always generates new ideas and innovative solutions. While Yifan acts as an effective leader, problem solver, creative thinker his comprehensive abilities makes him a flexible asset. He is acknowledged by Clients and other business partners because of the quality and efficiency of his work. 

Before joining L&P Architects, Yifan has worked in Woodsbagot and played a key role in the team and projects design process.